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Welcome to my blog of my custom jewerly. I hope you enjoy & any comments or feedback are quite welcomed!

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This piece I created for a friend of mine. I used a photo of her lovely Saluki, Za'har & sent it as a surprise for her.

This piece was also created for the same friend as Za'har's piece was for. This piece is a memorial of her beloved Saluki girl,  Boushi. 

This piece is also a memorial piece created for another friend of her beloved Saluki girl, Aurora.
All above pieces were created as gifts from my heart to my dear friends.

A jewelry case full of photo jewerly & beaded earrings. I love creating these items. I just love the way the sun catches the brilliance of glass beads. I mostly use glass beads in my pieces.

The three photos above are beaded lariats. Made to simply slip over your head for name badges & such. They all come with a clip as well.
Here are 3 samples of my macrame necklaces. I like to use a soft cotton cord rather than hemp & I also like to use glass beads & pendants in my pieces. The macrame cords work well with the photo pieces as well.

These pieces are macrame anklets. Just a plain simple feel good item!
These pieces are macrame bracelets, again, using glass beads.

I also make chokers. These chokers are fun to make & can be used for either people or dog jewerly! I can customize them for either purpose.

Along with the chokers, I've started making bracelets of the same design as well, but without the pendants of course.

I hope you've enjoyed my creations
~ Thank you for stopping in~

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  1. Outstanding! I had a bead shop for six years. I still have chests of beads and cord and whatever. I had a going out of business sale and sold most but I still have enough that I could open a small shop!

    Love your stuff... we made dog collars, leashes, bookmarks... sold hemp clothing and products as well as cord.

    Wish we did live closer! rats!

  2. Your chokers are amazing they look so pretty on those furry little necks.
    I love the way you do your bead work and the way you work the copper wire. Very very nice. B

  3. Thanks Carolyn, one day we'll meet up & just make something for fun!
    Thank you for the nice compliments Buttons!
    Happy Thanksgiving to ya'll! :-)

  4. Those are b-e-a-u-t-i-ful!!! Seriously. My daughter dabbles in jewelry making when she's not chasing her 3 young boys around and I studied it during my short stint in to weld different metals together. I made a ring out of silver, gold and bronze think it was but nothing as pretty as these.

  5. Thank you Winderly! I think it would be fun to do the kind of stuff you mentioned. I just wish I had more time, I seem to be very short of that lately.

  6. Hey, how did you get that one picture to spark like that? I find it impossible to capture the glint of glass, and especially crystal.

    Are you selling? Are you on Etsy?

    The Good Luck Duck

  7. Roxanne, I try to shoot where I can get a lot of light, sometimes the sun helps. But it's kind of a gamble on how they turn out because the sun can also wash out photos. I'm getting these ready to sell. Trying to decide where to put them. I have an etsy account, but nothing moved there! I'm guessing to get traffic there, you really have to promote it in other venues? I don't know. Have ya'll had any luck with it?

  8. The photos are really great. They show off the jewelry so well. Love the dog models!

  9. Awesome, neat idea to make beaded collars for dogs. Never seen those before but I think they look great. Would they hold up with the tugging of a leash or are they more decoration?

    I don't have a dog yet but maybe one day. I think these look funky and beautiful. I really like the green wooden bead one.

  10. Thanks Theresa, no, you can't put a lead on them. They are more for decoration than function. I think, if I'm not mistaken, the dog with the green one on bought it! ;-)
    His name is Kai. A real sweetheart!

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