Why not beautify yourself in the office or where ever you need to use tag indentification with a lanyard rather than your typical plain corded type of lanyard?

Like to gamble at casinos, but want a pretty lanyard to hold your card onto?

Do you work in a school & need a lanyard?

Well make it pretty then! I can make custom lanyards as well.

Each Lanyard measures around 32 inches, so they slip over & off your head with ease. 

All Lanyards are $20 each. Click on the photos you like for larger images.
Contact information is CreationsByCyn(at)

# 1.  Mulicolored glass beads - this one reminds me of Mexico. Full of color sure to brighten up your day!
#2.  Pretty copper & gold toned glass beads. -- SOLD!

#3.  This piece, I enlarged. The photo quality isn't very good on it. It's for you purple lovers! Purple/lavender glass beads with small beaded dangles hanging off the finding. -- SOLD!
#4.  This piece is made of clear/silvery colored glass beads. Very elegant piece. 

#5.  Big glass beads, pretty fall colors!
#6.  Red & black glass beads leading into a pretty heart finding.
#6.  Up close shot of the above piece.
 #7.  Beautiful elegant bronze colored piece.
#8.. Brilliant shiny glass beads that catch the light!
#10.  Wood beads for the naturalist. Very light weight!
#11. Black glass tube beads, ending up with small red glass beads that lead onto two black glass beads to a pretty ornamental finding.
#12.  Red & clear glass beads. So brilliant! Ending up to an ornamental finding.
I also provide hooks on the end of each piece. These pieces were taken before I added them onto them.
Thank you so much for looking!
Again, I can be contacted at CreationsByCyn(at)

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