Photo Jewelry Settings

This page contains photos of different settings to create photo jewelry with.

For the cube type of clear pieces, I use molds of different shapes & sizes.

For pendant or bracelet types, I can set photos into a style of your choice. Below are samples of what I have on hand to create with.

Use your imagination on how each setting piece would showcase your favorite photo!

***For larger images, click on photos

Above photo contains a selection of different settings for different items. Below, I'll add single photos of each setting.

An elegant black pendant piece for a necklace. A photo can be inserted into the center then sealed down into a glossy resin finish!

Two pendant pieces, one in a silver tone, one in a gold tone. These pieces are for those that prefer smaller more delicate type of pieces to wear. Imagine your favorite photo on top of one of these pendants with a beautiful glossy finish.

These two pendant pieces are of a square image area or a smaller round image area. I can help you to determine which setting your favorite photo will fit into to present it at it's best. 

I can even do bobby pins - imagine that!!

Although this looks like a bracelet, it's actually a chain of cubes that I've not broken up yet. These cubes contain two holes & are versatile towards to what kind of piece one would like. They can be turned into a single necklace pendant hanging off of a gorgeous glass beaded chain. They can be made into a bracelet with different  kind of bead styles. They can even be put into a ladder bracelet of your very own! I must create a piece on a ladder bracelet for an example to show what that could look like. I think it would be a perfect fit! I can also create a dangle for your key ring, something to hang off your rear view mirror, the possibilities are endless!

Now for some bracelet settings:

A silver tone cuff bracelet that can hold your favorite photo in the center.

An antiqued gold tone bracelet that photos can be placed into each setting. If you think that it would be too many photos, I could find sparkles or other items to place into every other cube between photos. Your choice!
And to add to this bracelet & the ones below, we can also add charms! You could have your very own signature piece complete with charms too!

A bronze tone round photo type of bracelet. Same applies for what was said above for placing photos.

A silver tone round photo bracelet.

A bronze tone square photo type of bracelet.

~Your imagination rules on these products!~
If interested in custom pieces, contact me & we'll talk!


Thank you for taking the time to view this page. Comments are most welcomed!

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